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Wow, I promised I’d check in every now and then, but as you can tell I vanished A FRIGGIN YEAR AGO-- OMG, WHOOPS, DID IT AGAIN. I’m REALLY sorry about that guys! I seriously didn’t even realize that much time passed! I just-- school got really hectic and-- I hardly ever got on my computer except to check emails-- and, and even my weekends were full of meetings, and errands, and interviews, and WOW. Seriously, I’m honestly deeply sorry. I feel like I left a lot of people hanging, thinking they were gonna get responses and junk a looong time ago. I mean, I suck. But as it’s time for Summer “Vacation”, I thought I should at least peek back in. Seriously, it’s the least I could do since, ya know… I probably made y’all think I up and left completely without a word-- haha, I don’t blame you.
   Now to properly justify my absence~ I figured I could tell you all about what I’ve been doing. Like I said, I needed time to focus on school, and this year I managed to maintain all A’s for the first time since 6th grade! ‘Did an AP Studio Art class. ‘Ended up Pres of NAHS, and Miss NAHS for Homecoming. I can’t wait to get started on Dual Enrollment next year, that’ll be neato. ‘Tried out some competitions to get my name out there, too, and ended up collecting, like, $47,000 in sweet, precious scholarship moolah. I’ve met Congressman John Lewis, I’ve gone to New York, I’ve judged competitions, I’ve had cameos on television, I’m about to head to Washington, D.C. in three weeks-- all because I focused so hard this year. So… almost no regrets. I plan on getting my driver’s license just as soon as school reopens. Driving’s fun! I used to not like the idea of aging but it’s growing on me ba dum tss. I’m even almost old enough to vote! hopefully the 2020 candidates don’t suck as hard, lol  But… that’s really about it. I plan to accomplish a lot more next year. In fact, I plan to earn at least three times as much as I did this year. I need more people to throw money at me. Seriously, do it.
   Also, I started drinking coffee this year. Oh, and I mean really guzzling it. Like, have you ever drank so much coffee, that it feels like your veins have stopped pumping blood, and are now pumping loads and loads of sugar, creamer, and caffeine? And I hate the taste of coffee. Like I’ll fill my mug with an inch of coffee and three inches of artificial goodness. Then drink that two more times. But you know what? I also started drinking water this year. So that balances itself out. Haha, not at all sort of.
I see dA itself hasn’t changed much, at least not on the surface. It looks like a lot of my friends have gone on hiatus, though. I think I still consider myself to be on hiatus, too. See, I know how I am, and I know that dA will take over my life in an instant. I can’t have that next year. ;D On that same note, I’m extremely unlikely to be active in any roleplay groups that [miraculously] have not already booted me due to inactivity. Roleplay groups are fun, but I do know I have the tendency to put them over schoolwork. And I want that time and level of mental investment to be more focused on original work-- not something about Pokemon, or dragons or hybrid creatures. So you know what? It’s okay if I get booted. That makes it a lot easier to just let go. Those things really are so much fun, and so is talking with all of you about them, but I think it’s time for me to turn to new things.
I might pop in on Skype if I feel like procrastinating once in a blue moon. I would say I’d try to at least glance at my dA inbox every weekend or so, but I... already know that won’t hold up for long. Still, there’s a chance I’ll post more often here this summer; that is, if I’m not already too preoccupied I probably will be. *sob*.
I'm glad to finally be able to breath and check in on y’all… ‘not sure for how long, though, haha; I started a three-week art camp today. Then when that's done I go to live at SCAD for a week. Then I have to prepare for AP Art next year, then I go back to live at SCAD for another week, then school starts. ;D Thanks, all of you, for understanding why I had to go for so long, and why after popping in I’m probably gonna have to disappear right away again. I miss you guys, and as for my characters I miss Diddy the most… the poor thing. But here’s to more achievements, and another happy year for alll of you guys and myself. Feel free to drop me a comment or something, I'm gonna be paying close attention to my message center this week.

With much love,
  • Watching: AMC's Preacher
  • Eating: my words,cuz I said I'd be more active andhereIam.
  • Drinking: Ramune Soda


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi! I'm a highschool senior and art student who's very interested in animation! I'd love to get to know you and talk! :D

I'm usually pretty preoccupied with real life, so let me go ahead and say that when you do get consistent replies from me, it's gonna be packed with Southern slang. Y'all, I ain't playin'.

I'm also rather awkward, thank you.

T... that's all a proper introduction consists of, right..?
Okay, we're good! :D


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you tiny boi, how dare you leave!! that's okay, I'll see you at school soon * puts up fist (
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Hey since you are now in charge of the icons for KA how much would be an updated icon for Kirsche?
CalcetineMal Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Student Digital Artist
That would be free of charge and I'd be glad to do an update for Kirsche! But my first priority is to get an icon out for everyone who hasn't received one yet, then do updates, so I'm warning you; you'll be waiting a pretty good while. I'll be adding you to my list nonetheless. :D
x-Luna-SilverWolf-x Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
That's cool with me! I don't mind waiting at all!
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i see you are the new one incharge of the icons congrats ^^

but i wonderin,could you make an icon for Alazne? in her latest design of course,free or with charge?
CalcetineMal Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hello~, please excuse my late reply.

That would be free of charge and I'd be glad to do an update for little Alazne! But my first priority is to get an icon out for everyone who has yet to receive one, then do updates, so I'm warning you; it'll be a pretty good wait. I'll be adding you to my list nonetheless. :D
OXxDarkStarxXO Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
ok then i will wait
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